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1 John 1:9

What I am about to tell you could have ended badly, or been really embarrassing. In the end, everything worked out, but for a few minutes it was quite sketchy. I was worried the newspaper headline would be bad!

I made the mistake of going into Walmart on a Friday night at 5:00. If you have done that too, then you know the shelves are empty and the people are everywhere. No one seemed to be in the hurry I was in to get out of there. By the time I battled the self checkout my nerves were shot. As I loaded the groceries into my trunk, there it was in the bottom of my cart. A mega pack of toilet paper, now $25 worth of stolen goods.

As I dashed back into the store, toilet paper in tow, the greeter looked at me like I was crazy. As I approached her, I kind of felt like a five year old, whose mother was making them return a stolen pack of gum to teach them a lesson. Sheepishly, I explained to her what had happened, and told her I needed to go back through the line to pay for the stolen goods.

She smiled, thanked me for being honest, and allowed me to come in and correct my mistake. Instead of feeling like a dirty, rotten thief, I left out of there feeling happy, and maybe chuckling a bit about how my rushed state of mind could have potentially gotten me into big trouble.

My Father in Heaven is like that too. When I mess up, whether I meant to or not, I can go to Him. He patiently listens to me, and He forgives me. He loves me, despite all my mistakes, and He sets my feet back on a solid path.

God never intended us to live in defeat. He made a way for us, so we never have to live in the shadows of shame and regret. But in order to live in the freedom of Christ, we must confess that we need a Savior. Tell God your troubles. I promise He is waiting to greet you and allow you to return your troubles for joy.

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