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Wow, what a weekend! As many of you know, the No Greater Love Tour kicked off this weekend. I have been trying to find the words to share with you, but my brain is still processing everything. Until I can adequately communicate to you all God did, I want to leave you with a quick little story, that touched me deeply.

We had some friends from Mathews come to Lynchburg this weekend, and help us out at the Q24 event. It was so heart warming, and we were beyond touched by the generosity and support they poured on us over the weekend. Saturday, we all got together for lunch, at our home away from home, an Air B&B. My youngest daughter and her friend came to eat with us, because after all, what college student doesn’t love a home cooked meal, right?!!

As we were eating, she said the most profound thing. Before I share what she said, I need to give you the background, so the full impact can wash over you, and because I love telling stories with ALL the details, whether you wanted to know them or not! Here’s a rundown of the guest list. The one she always called her second mom was there, and one of her favorite childhood Sunday School teachers. He is married to the mom of her most favorite babysitter, who always encourages her, so you can clearly see why she loves those people. Her second family was there, as well as her absolute favorite parents! There were some very important people she loves who were missing, but the house was definitely filled with people she loves.

Now here comes the good part of the story. As she was eating her lunch, she says, “You know what is the strangest thing? I have never been to this place before, and nothing here is familiar, but this place feels like home.” I am telling y’all, my mother’s heart almost exploded! You know why? Because home isn’t about the place you live, it’s about the people you are with. Friends, if we can truly understand that lesson, it would change our lives.

Listen. This earth is not our home. We are just passing through. But while we are here, why don’t we pull up a chair, have lunch with people we love, and enjoy one another’s company? Thank you, Caroline, for reminding me of a very valuable and important life lesson!

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