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Devastating. It was the only word I could think of to describe our predicament. What were we supposed to do? Some of our favorite things were gone.

There we were, standing all alone. Everyone else had collected their luggage and headed home, but we didn’t have any luggage on that belt to collect. To make a long story short, our flight got delayed, and to keep from missing our connecting flight, we jumped on another airline and flew to a different destination before finally making it home.

Here’s how it all ended. We went to Chicago, IL, our luggage went to Charlotte, NC, and we all met up a few hours later in Norfolk, VA. It was nothing less than a miracle, and we were over the top excited!

I’d like to tell you we handled the situation beautifully, but to be honest, we were so upset because our stuff was lost. It wasn’t until the next day that the conviction set in. Though I frantically did all I could to find the luggage, it was nothing more than stuff.

During my quiet time the next morning, I heard the Lord whisper to my spirit, “What if you were as concerned about lost people as you were about your lost luggage?” Yikes! That felt harsh, but also true.

Listen friends, Jesus is coming back soon, but there are still so many who don’t know the story of His saving grace. Let’s share the gospel message, because lost loved ones are so much more valuable than any “stuff” we could ever have. Our luggage turning up at the last minute was amazing, but souls no longer lost because they put their faith in Jesus…a true miracle!

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