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Bubble Gum Extravaganza

It was just a pack of bubble gum, but it sure was a game changer! Though it’s usually one of my favorite days of the year, my heart was a little heavy yesterday. There were no parties, and no children laughing and singing in the hallway. There was no crazy hootin’ and hollerin’ over the excitement of Christmas vacation knocking at our door.

On a whim, I threw out a crazy idea to our school counseling office to see if they would bite, or in this case chew! “What if we have a bubble blowing contest this afternoon?” The looks on their faces were priceless! Suddenly, my overwhelming desire to buy a pack of Bubble Yum Bubblegum at Target the other day now made perfect sense! So we put the event on the calendar “Bubble Gum Extravaganza” and waited with anticipation for the competition.

Nothing takes you back to your childhood like a piece of bubble gum. And it’s certainly not everyday you laugh hysterically with your coworkers because “It’s stuck on her nose!” From start to finish, “Christmas Bubble Off 2020” took about five minutes, but the laughter we shared and the memories we made in those minutes will last a lifetime. Also, I am certain we started a new Christmas tradition!

It’s easy these days to feel disappointed over opportunities and traditions missed because nothing is “normal” anymore. It’s even ok to feel sad over lost moments, but if you allow the disappointment to overtake your mind, you might miss the beauty in the simplicity happening around you.

Think about the simplicity of the very first Christmas. There were no expectations of perfectly wrapped gifts or the perfect family gatherings. There were no parties and no festive Christmas lights. You know what they did have? Love. Perfect Love who was born in a stable and laid in a manger. The Savior of mankind arrived in the most simple and unexpected way, yet it was the most beautiful, powerful, amazing moment.

Whatever you are facing this Christmas season, don’t miss the power in the simple moments. Sometimes simple moments change the world!

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