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Isaiah 49:11

Against my better judgement, I listened to my GPS, and turned off the interstate. I followed that confident voice in my phone through a little town even though my instinct was telling me I was on the wrong path.

Finally I saw it- a familiar route number leading to my destination. I knew it! Yet the GPS was saying something different. I tried contemplating my next move, but as the light turned green, I was forced to make a snap decision. We all know I can’t be trusted with directions, so I decided to stay straight on the path ahead.

The next thing you know, I’m blazing up the side of the mountain, with only a guardrail separating me from plummeting off the side of the mountain! I gripped the steering wheel as tight had I could, and prayed all the way up those twists and turns. I think the sights were beautiful, but if I’m honest, I was nervous and didn’t get a real good look.

Finally reaching the top, I drew in a quick breath, and started the decent. Zigging and zagging on the banked road, I zipped my way down that mountain. Despite the crazy thoughts in my head, my car didn’t even try to fall off the steep, curvy, banked road, like I thought it might! Once I remembered to breath, I realized I was actually having fun! It was in that moment I felt the Lord speak to me, reminding me He has set my feet on a certain path, and I would be wise to carry on with the adventure He has planned for me. He never promised the road would be easy, or straight and downhill for that matter. But he did promise to lead.

As quick as it started, it was over, and I was back on level ground, feeling exhilarated by the adventure. I heard God whisper to me that although this road seemed all wrong to me in the beginning, I wasn’t lost at all. God planned this little detour to remind me that sometimes the things I see as obstacles are really just adventures in disguise.

I don’t know what the road you’re on looks like right now, but I do know God is traveling right there beside you. If you feel like life is an uphill battle, stand firm. Trust God through the turns and trials. I guarantee you will grow and come out stronger on the way down!

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