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Missing Keys

Cautiously, I checked my surroundings as I settled on a parking space in the middle of the parking lot. I was going to be sitting there a while, so I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. I don’t mean to be judgey, but as my eyes scanned all that was happening around me, I was a little sketched out. One of the first things that caught my attention was the car in front of me. It was old and a bit beat up, and the keys were dangling from the passenger’s side lock. How odd. I wondered how long the keys had been there. I kept thinking that at any moment, someone could come along and steal the car. Secretly I hoped I wasn’t going to be a witness to that crime!

As I was thinking these things, a man approached the driver’s side door. He reached into his pocket for his keys. No luck. The thought crossed my mind that I should get out and tell him I knew where his keys were, but I’ve watched one to many crime shows and decided to keep my mouth shut. He grabbed his other pocket, then his back pockets, then his coat pockets, each time looking a little more frantic. That was it. I couldn’t take it any more. I opened my car door and quietly and carefully said, “Excuse me sir, are you looking for your keys?” He shot me an inquisitive look that bordered between “mind your own business, you can’t possibly know anything about my keys” and “Yes! Do you know where they are? Please help me!” I said, “I think they are in the passenger’s side door.” As quick as I said it, I got back in my car and shut the door. He came around, and sure enough, there they were. He looked back at me with a look of thankfulness mixed with a little embarrassment. When our eyes met, I felt bad for letting my fear get in the way of helping him immediately instead or watching him struggle for a minute.

Listen friends, God has given us the keys to the greatest and most precious story ever told. He has entrusted us with all the details and asked us to share the story of His Son with the world. The keys we hold have the power to change lives, so why do we hesitate to share the Good News of the salvation Jesus offers us? Let’s commit today to step out of our comfort zone, to shake off all fear and insecurities, and to boldly tell people about Jesus. And let’s encourage one another as we step out in faith to share. We are the hands and feet of Christ, and He has entrusted us with the keys. Don’t let anyone struggle for another minute when you have the power to tell them about the One who can unlock eternal life for them. This world desperately needs the Good News, so step out of the car and get sharing!

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