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The Same Team

As I walk through the airport with a bazillion people all around me, I hear the sweetest little voice behind me say, “Hey, you cut me. We’re supposed to be on the same team.” I glance over my shoulder to see a mama holding her little boy’s hand, but she has kinda walked in front of him because there are too many people around for them to continue to walk side-by-side. The mama calmly replies, “We’re still on the same team buddy, I’m just guiding you through this crowd right now.”

Isn’t that exactly what Jesus does for those who have but their faith in Him?He walks beside us every minute. But when life crowds in on us, He takes the lead, guiding us every step of the way.

We have that same opportunity to show love and kindness to others. Every single day we walk beside people who are struggling. Who could use a little help navigating through the crowds of life right now? Do they know Jesus? If not, tell them! And if they are already a brother or sister in Christ, grab them by the hand, point them to the Father, and remind them we are all on the same team!

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