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Three Days Later...

“Don’t fret over you’re current situation, a lot can happen in three days!” My friend Hope said this in Sunday School this week. Thank you, Hope, for sharing this nugget of wisdom from your Granny! I have thought about it all week!

When I went running Saturday, it was a frigid 29 degrees. Water in the ditches was frozen solid. Today when I went running, it was a balmy 61. The ice was gone and the sound of frogs echoed a song of hope that spring is on the way.

God used the beautiful weather today to remind me that our situations are never permanent. I know winter will creep back into the picture, but WOW what a difference three days makes! The warm sunshine washed over me like rain on a wilting flower, and the winter blahs slipped right out of my mind!

We are on this earth but for a short time, and while we are here, we each have the opportunity to experience that three day miracle every day of our lives. God sent his Son to take away the sins of the world by dying on a cross. Three days later, He rose again to live forever more, and He invites us to live with Him. In Christ we have freedom. If you don’t know Him as your friend and personal Savior, I encourage you to talk to someone about how to be saved. Deciding to have a personal relationship with Jesus is the best decision you will ever make in your life.

Be encouraged friend! Just like seasons change, hard times come and go. No matter what you are facing right this

minute, take heart. A lot can change in three days!

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